GlobalG.A.P. CoC Version 5

Milking CowsVersion 5 of the GlobalG.A.P. CoC was published in December 2014, and enforced in June 2015. The new version aims to ensure that GlobalG.A.P. certified products are not mixed with non-certified products, and to verify that certified products are, indeed, certified. The CoC covers traceability and mass balance points, rather than food safety, which is audited under a separate BRC audit.

There are three basic CoC requirements organizations must follow:

  1. The CoC certified company checks GLOBALG.A.P. status on all incoming products.
  2. The company must uphold segregation, traceability, and mass balance of products.
  3. Products must be labeled with the CoC Number of the company, and certified products must be identified on the transaction documents.

This new version broadens the scope and applicability. It covers all crops, livestock, and aquaculture for producers, packers, wholesalers, distributers, processors (livestock and agriculture only), brokers, and retail distribution centers.

The new update will result in two separate certificates; a BRC auditor will audit the GLOBALG.A.P. CoC as an add on to the BRC Food audit.

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