FSMA Readiness Assessment

Safe ApplesThe Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) signed by President Obama into law in January 2011 is to ensure appropriate preventive and control measures are implemented by the food industry to safeguard the food supply chain in the US. The Food safety Modernization Act consists of the following components.

  1. Preventive Controls for Human Food Regulation
  2. Preventive Controls for Animal Food Regulation
  3. Produce Safety
  4. Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  5. Accredited Third Party Certification

Registered food facilities under FSMA are required to conduct hazard analyses and develop and implement written preventative control plans before September 16, 2016. In order to meet FDA’s timeline the various entities in the food supply chain (facilities that process/manufacture, pack or hold food products) are working hard to meet the timeline.

We will be able to provide assistance to you to comply with the provisions of Section 103 of FSMA by conducting a “Readiness Assessment” of your food safety system against the requirements of the Preventive Controls for Human Food Regulations of FSMA.

What is involved?

The “Readiness Assessment” will involve the following:

Hazard Analysis:
Comprehensive assessment of the hazards identified by the facility against the regulatory requirements.

Preventative Control:
Detailed assessment of the various preventive controls such as process, allergen, sanitation, supply-chain and other relevant preventive controls against the requirements of FSMA.

Other Relevant Procedures:
The Preventive Controls for Human Food Regulations also require companies to implement monitoring, verification, record-keeping and other relevant procedures. We will be able to assess the effectiveness of those procedures against the regulatory requirements.

How will we do it?

Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety, Inc.’s (PJRFSI) experts who actually worked for the various regulatory bodies will conduct the assessment using a proprietary checklist either on-site or off-site. The on-site assessment will be a two day activity wherein our trained assessors will assess your food safety system. If the assessment is combined with a GFSI audit it will be completed in a day after the GFSI audit. There is also a provision for doing the assessment off-site. We will forward the proprietary checklist and you may complete the checklist at your convenience. We will assess the completed checklist and provide feedback to you.

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