What Our Customers are Saying About Us

I have 21 years of experience of working with CB’s. Many years of frustrating, inconsistent, auditor to auditor mis-interpretation up to 2014, when I first got involved with PJRFSI. I was, honestly shocked by my initial experience with the PJRFSI CB. Lauren, Carrie, Rama were so WILLING TO WORK WITH US. Most CB’s are “machine like”, no help. PJRFSI sets the standard for excellence when it comes to helping in EVERY CAPACITY, you guys ROCK.”

Jody McSweeney – D&W Fine Pack LLC

Perry Johnson has been a great part in our GFSI success with a team of dedicated people that are always willing to make the audit process as smooth as possible. I especially love working with our assigned auditor Rama he is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about food safety. Thank you Perry for 3 years of wonderful service.”

Crista Lowery Francis – Florida Caribbean Distillers

The entire experience with PJRFSI was very cooperative, insightful and professional in all areas of the process.”

Earl McCane – Gregory’s Foods Inc.

We had a two day audit done and I have to say it was a very positive experience for our company. All of the Perry Johnson staff that were involved with the booking and executing of this event have been outstanding, and we look forward to many more years of doing business together.”

Jerry Tempesta – Mama Rosie’s Co., Inc.

To say that Rama has won over my entire QM group would be an understatement. His diligence, passion, presentation of the HACCP program was contagious. The group has completely embraced the fact that Rama is the face of SQF code compliance for the DWFP corporation, through PJRFSI. Very impressed to say the least. He is the best auditor I have ever met in my 19 years of food safety programs, and THAT is saying something. He is part of our team, we welcome him to our corporation. Kudos to Rama, he’s the MAN. We have had a BLAST with Rama, he may never be the same after this training seminar!!!”

Jody McSweeney – D&W Fine Pack LLC